Saturday, August 25, 2007

Week 2 : 25th August

GK (Questions on The word RED)
  1. Is the American Red Cross part of the US government? -NO It works independently of the government, but works closely with government agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during times of major crises.
  2. In what country did the popular Red Rose Tea originate? -CANADA Red Rose Tea was born in 1899 in New Brunswick, Canada. A popular commercial used to say, 'Red Rose Tea...only available in Canada...Pity.' Now it is sold universally.
  3. Who is the author of Little Red riding Hood? -Little Red Riding Hood was written by French author, Charles Perrault in the 17th century.
  4. The red panda lives in the bamboo forests of which mountain range? Its range extends through Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Burma and western China.
  5. Statistically, red is the favourite colour of which group of people? -Children

Current Affairs

  1. Dr. Anna Pou, accused of murdering nine patients in a New Orleans hospital wracked by Katrina, is let free.
  2. Exit: Karl Rove: Bush’s most trusted strategist :The political strategist not only managed elections, he had his fingers in nearly every major policy decision made by this administration during the past six and a half years.
  3. Sanjay Dutt gets Interim relief : Granted Bail ;Salman heads for jail
  4. Soren acquitted : The Delhi High Court acquitted former Union minister Shibu Soren in the case relating to the murder of his personal secretary Shashinath Jha. Soren, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) chief, was forced to resign from the Union Cabinet last year following his conviction in the case by a Delhi court.
  5. Quattrochi : Wanted in the Bofors scandal, Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi left Buenos Aires after India reportedly withdrew its appeal against an Argentine court’s rejection of its extradition petition. Earlier, India had appealed in the Argentine supreme court against the decision of a court in Iguazu, Argentina,which had rejected the application filed by the CBI to extradite Quattrocchi.

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