Thursday, August 16, 2007

Edition 1: 17th august 2007

GK (Business)

1. This company was called Lutsuko and later changed its name to something that literally means 'to lose money'. Which one?

Sony, it's name was a tongue twister to many and had to be ultimately changed.

2. Which car in Spanish means 'Charming'?


3. This organisation has 1356 members and has the ad-line "the world put stock on us". Which organisation?


4. Of whom did Shahrukh Khan once say that 'our figures are similar'?

Cindy Crawford (both are brand ambassadors for Omega)

5. Who designs jewellery for the company called Artex?

Priyanka, her hubby Robert Vadhera runs the costume jewellery export firm Artex.

Current Affairs

1. New Iraq alliance formed to back shaky government

Iraqi Kurdish and Shi'ite leaders formed an alliance on Thursday to support Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government, but failed to bring in Sunni leaders who are crucial to national reconciliation. Maliki is facing a political crisis after the main Sunni Arab bloc, the Accordance Front, pulled its six ministers out of his Shi'ite-led national unity government saying he had ignored their demands.

2. IOC seeks shipping alliances

lagship refiner-marketer IndianOil Corporation is revamping its shipping architecture as part of its strategy to increase security of oil movement, freight optimisation, control over supply chain and reduce outgo on ocean freight which makes up the single-largest cost element after crude.

3. Kevin Rudd to 'tear up' nuke deal if elected to power

Australia's opposition leader Kevin Rudd today said he would "tear up" any nuclear deal with India if he is elected to power this year. Australia and India have agreed to negotiate a uranium trade pact to fuel burgeoning Indian power demand, Prime Minister John Howard announced yesterday in a major shift in his Government's policy on global nuclear proliferation. But Rudd said Australians were deeply concerned about India's use of uranium and the possibility of an escalating arms race on the Indian subcontinent

4. Powerful earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia

A powerful undersea earthquake struck eastern Indonesia on 17th august 2007, the country's geophysics agency said. No tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of damage. The temblor had a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 and hit 230 kilometers (145 miles) southeast of Ambon, the capital of Maluku province, said Suhardjono, an official at the Meteorological and Geophysics Agency, who goes by only one name.

5. THE CD IS 25 TODAY: 17TH Aug

An engineering marvel at the time, today they are instantly recognisable as Compact Discs, a product that turns 25 years old on Friday — and whose future in an age of iPods and MP3 players is increasingly in doubt. Those first CDs contained Strauss’ Alpine Symphony and would sound equally sharp if played today, says Holland’s Royal Philips Electronics, which jointly developed the CD with Sony of Japan. The proposed semiconductor chips needed for CD players were to be the most advanced ever used in a consumer product. And the lasers were still on the drawing board when the companies teamed up in 1979.

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